One of the biggest strengths of expatriate education is the cultural variety and linguistic plurality. Habitat schools’ welcoming community is a unique space where different people from different geographies, continents and backgrounds come together with a common mission at heart - “Sharing and Caring for humanity”. We lead young minds to intellectual enlightenment through unleashing their innate desire to research and innovate.

As the school which introduced budget schooling in northern emirates, our mission was to make quality education accessible to all students, regardless of their cultural and financial status. For most expatriate students, school is the only space of socialisation and it is the place where the majority of their life is spent. So, as a school, we consider it as our responsibility to make their experiences the best. We have significantly invested in creating an infrastructure, where this concept is established successfully.

Our campuses are designed for our students to explore a wide range of experiences, ranging from farming to computer coding. With more than 2000+ trees in our campuses our students are getting a green-calm environment to focus and excel in their studies.

We always try to introduce the most cutting-edge educational practices, for students to experience the basics of various domains during their school days. This has subsequently made us ‘The first in the UAE’ in many areas, starting from farming to Artificial Intelligence Lab. We emphasise instilling in our students a sense of social responsibility and compassion for others and the wider living world. 46 nationalities and a kaleidoscope of cultures come together to create history at Habitat.

Innovative and Responsive Education

Through our innovative and responsive education, we try to nurture the next generation of global citizens by recognising their skills and facilitating its development. Our students experience diverse culture and knowledge, international-mindedness, and sharpen their competencies through various extracurricular activities.

In Habitat, students will be a part of a global community that values and respects diversity. They respect and motivate each other, which provides them a dynamic learning atmosphere. Since the modern world necessities demand evolutions in the educational sector, we have incorporated global trends in our curriculum and teaching methods.

What makes us different?
Academic and Co-Curricular Focus
  • Exceptional performance in CBSE Board Exams in the past years.
  • Consistent mentoring of students through various academic support programmes and constant feedback for ensuring optimal learning.
  • Stellar student achievements across grades in coding initiatives and competitions.
Advanced & Responsive Learning platforms
  • Advanced Learning Management System (LMS) enables students to access learning resources. It includes personalised learning resources, assessments, live class help, and student monitoring.
  • Staff and parents access the NOS UK online learning platform to guarantee students are educated safely online.
Learning Innovations and Initiatives
  • Data-Driven Schooling – Using LMS data to improve student performance.
  • In 2020, the launch of the first Artificial Intelligence lab & introduction of aspects of AI curriculum from elementary grades.
  • Values-based programmes like Wings, Habitat for Hope, Habitat for Tomorrow, and innovative summer assignments.