Technology is integrated virtually into every aspect of our lives; learning about it is more important than ever. Our Cyber square Platform makes it convenient and fun to gain knowledge while learning essential skills such as problem-solving skills, website creation, creativity, mathematical skills, logical thinking, and critical thinking. These are imparted through highly immersive puzzles and games to make a student's learning environment productive and resourceful.

When today's youth become the leaders of tomorrow, there is a high probability that no field will be left untouched by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This makes it very important to ensure that our students are well versed in both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, learning AI builds holistic skills in the students who would be handy in solving life and societal problems to be true global citizens.

Because of the proliferation of devices and computers, there is growing anxiety about the increasing role of artificial intelligence and computers, particularly whether machines will make workers obsolete. Understanding what computers can and cannot do is fundamental in addressing these anxieties. We aim to teach children how to remodel the technological world around them to help them become creators and not just consumers of technology.

Acquiring AI skills and sufficient knowledge can help children find better career opportunities in the future. Moreover, learning about AI and related technologies can help children adapt to such advanced work environments later. Undoubtedly, being familiar with such essential skills and exhibiting confidence in new working environments will help them get better professional opportunities than their counterparts.

The school has a dedicated Cyber square Lab, which serves as a learning space for students. The lab also has a gaming zone for students to enhance their learning experience. We provide an inspiring learning environment that moulds students into innovative thinkers and confident citizens. This, in turn, helps them prepare for competitions. In 2019 the Ministry of Education UAE conducted the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics competition in which Habitat school was the top finalist.