HR Manual

HR Manual


• All the appointments are subject to approval from concerned Government Departments.

•Teachers have to attest all the documents from +2 /equivalent and submit the documents for the approval from the Ministry of Education and may start the procedure for equivalency and genuinity immediately as it takes minimum 3 months to complete.

•Labour card can be processed after getting the approval from Ministry of Education. Approval from the MOE is subject to interview and submission of equivalency of Degree.

•Confirmation of your service will be based on the internal approval or feedback.

Documents required for approval from Ministry of Education

•Self-Introductory form (Collect from HR)

•Passport copy with visa page of Self & spouse – 3 sets

•Emirates id copy of self & spouse – 3 sets

•No objection certificate in Arabic (Collect from HR) – 2 sets


• Male Teachers will be given Aed.500 as HRA if they don’t require accommodation.

•Female staff will be given sharing accommodation.

•Couple working in Habitat group (Teaching and admin) are eligible for HRA - Dhs.700 (Male Dhs.400+Female Dhs.300)

•Female staff residing with family will be given HRA -Dhs.500 provided they are eligible as per the criteria and prove by required documents.*

*Criteria for HRA

•Total Salary of the couple should be equal or less than Dhs.5800.

•Per child Dhs.500 can be added to salary limit.

•HRA & accommodation policy is only for the staff under school visa

•One month prior notice is required if a staff is vacating/ changing to self-accommodation and to be eligible for HRA.


Casual Leave

•Staff is allotted a maximum of 6 Casual Leave days per year.

• When taken together, 2 days continuous is allowed (Local and overseas). If 3 days leave is taken together, it will be considered as LOP.

•Leave can be availed on a Thursday or Sunday, but taking Thursday & Sunday together is not allowed.

•• Half day CL can be availed.

Medical Leave

• Salary against medical leave will be sanctioned on providing medical certificate.

• In case of more than 2 medical leave days inside UAE or 7 days outside UAE, the medical certificate will have to be attested by the MOH. If medical leave starts with holidays, the holidays will not be included in these 7 days.

Maternity Leave

• 45 days of maternity leave with salary will be given to staff who have completed one year of service and staff with less than one year of service will be eligible for 45 days of leave with half pay.

Death & Marriage

• If leave is taken for self-marriage or their children’s marriage, they will be eligible for 4 working days + weekend holiday’s salary against the leave.

• In case of death of any blood relatives, they are eligible for 4 working days + weekend holiday’s salary against the leave.

• Loss of pay will be applied if the casual leave exceeds 6 days a year.


• On completion of probation, all the staff can avail 50% discount on tuition and transport fees of their wards, if they are studying in the same school where the staff is working.

• All the staff can avail 30% discount on tuition and transportation fees of their wards, if the child is studying in any of the sister concern.


• End of service benefits will be calculated as per UAE Labour law.

• End of service benefits will be paid only to those employees who are under school sponsorship / or possess a labour card.

• If an employee is in a contract with the school, and breaches the contract will be paid only 1/3rd of the End of service benefits.

• Deductions are applicable if an employee breeches the contract.

• A permanent staff wishes to resign, should give one month notice in writing or pay an amount equal to one month salary, as the case may be in lieu thereof.


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