Admission policies and Procedures

Admission policies and Procedures

1. Parents seeking admission for their child can enquire through email to or walk into the premises and get the details through reception/counters or meet registrar for any queries.

2. The receptionist will guide the parents towards the respective counters as per parent’s queries.

3. If the parents are coming for the first time and need to know more about the school and have more doubts and clarifications, they shall be sent to the registrar.

4. If the child is underage or any doubts regarding age criteria, they shall be sent to the registrar, their documents will be verified and pre-registration form will be signed by the registrar if it is accepted.

5. After knowing about the fee structure and a brief description about the school form the registrar or from the counters, parents would fill in the pre-registration form, pay registration fee in the cash counter and receive the Habitat School Prospectus/Application forms.

6. Pre-registration form will be signed by the registrar in any cases of TC/documents issues.

7. Admission Entrance Test will be conducted for the pupils seeking admission for KG 2 onwards, the date and time for the test will be given on the same day of pre-registration.

8. Syllabus for the admission test will be provided for all parents and will be informed to come along with a photograph while coming for the entrance test.

9. Pupils must attend the test on given date and time and can leave the premises after the test is over.

10. Entrance test result will be informed to the parents within two days.

11. If qualified, Parents would come to the school along with the pupil and take admission for the respective grade. The procedure is to fill the given application form and provide all required documents pertaining to the child’s admission, admission fees will be paid in the cash counter along with 1 month of tuition fee + transportation fee in advance.

12. 12. If the children are already studying in UAE and will complete the ongoing session in March, then as per parent’s request the admission will be taken prior to the assessment test inorder to reserve the seat. The same will be followed for the children staying outside UAE and entering UAE later than March, but proper information has to be given on the qualification in admission test and on refund if any chances of rejection from the school or from the parent later.

13. Uniform, Books and stationary will be purchased separately from the school store after taking admission.

14. Parents might meet the Transport Supervisor and confirm before taking admission whether the bus route is provided for their location.

15. Date of joining will be informed on the day of admission or later through sms.

16. On the first day of joining, parents would bring the pupil to the school themselves, and collect the school ID from counter. If chosen for school Transport parents would meet the Transport Department for pick up and drop off timings, bus route information, bus no: , and details of driver/conductor.

17. Pupils must come to school on time in proper school uniform.

18. The decision of school authority on the allotment of class and division will be final. No request will be entertained in this regard.

19. The school fees should be paid latest by the 10th of every month.

20 The school authority reserves the right to revise the rules and regulations at any time, if found necessary.


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